What's new on cyber1?

To help newcomers and returning old-timers to our system we have started creating screen-capture videos.

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Cyber1 Introduction
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Empire Space Battle
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TUTOR "hello world"
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Empire Space Battle / Head-2-Head
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Empire Tournament #4 (clip 1 of 24)

Upcoming events planned:

  • Do you have 9-track tapes from old backups from a PLATO system? We want to preserve what we can, but we need tapes, printouts, ASCII text files, etc! This is a call for code! We are serious about not only providing a classic appearing (though super-fast) "Plato" system, we also promote preservation of hardware and software. This bears repeating: Do you have printouts or text files that contain TUTOR lessons (programs)? We'd like to help you get those back on-line. Tapes we can load, ASCII text can be uploaded, printouts - well, we can give you lesson space to type it in (sorry we are not secretaries). Please get signed on and drop a note in 'request' or 'psonotes'! Let's save these gems before they are gone forever.
  • Ongoing Avatar journeying... 3 versions of the game, "2avatar" for the original, "Zavatar" for the updated game, and "Vavatar" for the "lunatic fringe".

Recently on cyber1:

  • 12/31/2016  11/25/2016 6pm VAVATAR RESET!   Vavatar, aka the 'Lunatic Fringe' version of the popular Avatar series of role-playing dungeon games, will occur on November 25, 2016. If you want to keep in the loop please signon and read the notesfile 'vavatnote'.
  • 8/31/2013  EMPIRE RESET!  The reset of records for Empire, occured at midnight on July 31, 2013. Got team? Please be sure and read up in "empirenote" on changes to Empire recently. We have 6 versions of the game on Cyber1, dating from a "last edited" 1977 version.
  • 8/31/2013  A relatively new weekly event, dubbed GriffWars, is being conducted most Sundays, and some Friday nights. Some call it 'Friday Night Fights', but Sunday has shown to have more attendees. This week's battle lasted 4 hours. Show up in Empirenote to read what the plan is and get involved. Don't like Bugs? Fine, come see if you can stomp some. Got a chip on your shoulder about Faz? Get revenge! But these are Friendly Fights, intended to rekindle fun in the game, bury the old hatchets of the past and warp devastation on the other team.
  • 12/14/2009 11:59:59 PM  We are always on the lookout for old original PLATO equipment. Several of our users are keenly interested in collection and restoration of terminals and other PLATO hardware.
  • 12/5/2009  The 4th Cyber1 Empire Tournament ended at 2pm Pacific (GMT-8) with a win by the Federation (a.k.a "evil") over the Kazari (a.k.a "good"). The game went the full 4 hours. Empire cryptkeeper and ombudsman Steve Peltz comments, "I believe that was the first one to go the full time without a knockout (and we had no problems with people dropping out or anything either). The kill records show the reason: evil won 54% of their fights (542 - 460). 19 engine deaths, 2 planet deaths, just over 1000 ships killed and a bit over 1600 armies bombed."