Links to other related or interesting sites

Avatar maps - view/edit online! Thanks to Andy Turner

Vintage Atari - PLATO marketing - log in to a real cyber

Steve Kraus' pictures - cool old pics of the heart of CERL

spasim challenge - Who made the first multiplayer 3-D virtual reality game?

University of Hawaii - neat to see how PLATO fit into the history of a university computer room

IRC History

The Friendly Orange Glow - Brian Dear is writing a book about PLATO. He has been keeping the PLATO community going for many years

CDC 6600 Supercomputer - retro photo - David Woolley's very informative article on PLATO, a must-read

Dan Harding's Avatar Page

PLATO Notes Files, 1972-76 - University of Illinois Archives

Photo Library

Here is a listing of the groups of photo's we have on file.

2005 Cyber1 Birthday Party

Current physical system a.k.a 'Monster'

DTCyber Console for 'Monster'

PLATO@50 Anniversary Event

Retro Hardware

The 'Real thing' - archive photos of various CDC hardware

Video Library

To help newcomers and returning old-timers to our system we have started creating screen-capture videos.

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Cyber1 Introduction
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Empire Space Battle
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TUTOR "hello world"
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Empire Space Battle / Head-2-Head
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Empire Tournament #4 (clip 1 of 24)