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   Cyber1 Registration

A signon is essential to using Cyber1. It is comprised of a name, a group, and a password. All signons for adults are created as 'Author' signons, which is the unrestricted account type, accounts for minors are created as 'Student' type in group 'kids' and are restricted to a set of games and other activities we have vetted as being age appropriate. To get a signon you need to read and agree with the terms and conditions of our End User Agreement and fill in the form below with valid information.

Be aware that in addition to a set of processing rules to filter out junk submissions, a human being reviews each and every registration entry submitted and validates that the information submitted passes a few tests of authenticity. If you submit what looks like or is bogus information you will NOT get access to Cyber1. Regardless of what you might think you know about what happens when you click "Submit" to join some random internet social network, things are different at Cyber1. So please do not waste the aforementioned human being's time by submitting bogus registration information.

So that you know what will get your email bounced, and because spiderbots do not read this sort of thing, see below:

  • Do not include URL's in this request. It will not be processed. A URL is anything that contains http: https: and mailto:, etc. If you want to tell us where you found out about Cyber1, please REMOVE the http: or https: first.
  • Do not include repeated ? symbols or ! symbols. It will not be processed.
  • Do not enter information in Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Sanskrit or other multi-byte character sets, we will only process entries with text in the ASCII range. Sorry, but this is because our mainframe predates Unicode.
  • NOTE: System groups (s/p/pso/m) are not available, and other groups may be restricted. If you know a group you want to join and it is not listed be sure and state the group name in the feedback box below and why you want this so we can review it and possibly contact you.
   Registration Form

 I have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the End User Agreement
 Check this box if a) you are under age 18, or b) if you are registering a signon for a person under age 18.



 Check this only if this is a request for a second signon.

Use PinYin style name.

I don't like the name suggested, let me change it.

This is a form of my real name.